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Rock on . . .

Mystery guests

Maybe SLOC should leave local facts to local flacks.

In a press release on Utah torchbearers, several prominent sports figures were listed. Among them, Lavelle Edwards (that's LaVell to anyone who missed the 28 years he was BYU's football coach) and former Jazz playerThurough Bailey.

Must have missed the Jazz era, too.

I understand they'll be joining a couple of other local figures in carrying the torch—Carol Malone and John Schtocktun.

Quick study

Gotta give the Sacramento Kings credit. After whipping the Jazz twice in a row last week, they were gracious in victory.

Chris Webber, who twice nailed Jarron Collins in the face with deliberate elbows, said: "This is a team that is actually responsible for a lot of our growth as far as playing against them in the last three years."

So that's where he learned to use those elbows.

The Natural

Or not.

As I recall, Weber took out John Stockton three years ago in the playoffs with an elbow — without tutoring from anyone.

No brainer

You already suspected this, but now there's proof: Guys love football — a lot.

Seagram's VO Gold conducted a survey, in which 53 percent of men preferred being with the guys at the Super Bowl to spending a night on the town with a gorgeous woman.

The survey also said 14 percent of men would give up sex and 17 percent said they would give up food and water to become a sports superstar for a day.

Still unclear: How much Seagram's each respondent ingested in order to arrive at those conclusions.

Boogie woogie Laker Boy

Did you see (and please tell me you didn't) Laker Mark Madsen's boogie dance at the White House this week?

President George W. Bush cracked, "I was hoping that on his birthday Mark Madsen would dance for us."

Madsen actually broke off a couple of moves before the President intervened. "As I said, I was hoping. I'm afraid the Secret Service might react violently if you did."

Who wouldn't?

Watchful eye

Looks like the federal government is sending about 50 more security officers to Salt Lake for the Winter Olympics.

Good idea. But I don't believe the best security available is from the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, National Guard or any other government-sponsored organization.

It's the BYU blue-coats.

If you don't believe me, try crashing the high school wrestling tournament at the Marriott Center some time.

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