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Jazz rookie affecting foes — Webber, Miller rattled

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The NBA suspended Sacramento Kings forward Chris Webber for one game and fined him $7,500 for popping Jazz center Jarron Collins in the head with an elbow Saturday at the Delta Center.

Webber was whistled for the elbow during the game, but for reasons unknown it took the NBA four days to announce the punishment.

The Kings forward, named as a reserve to the Western Conference All-Star team, will miss Thursday's game against Seattle.

HOW MANY? After reaching the 34,000-point plateau Wednesday night, Jazz's Karl Malone was asked how many of those points he can credit to being able to play with John Stockton.

"I would probably say Stock is responsible for 26,582, give or take," Malone answered with a straight face.

TOUGH AS NAILS: Bulls forward Eddie Robinson was asked about Stockton, who finished with 16 points and 10 assists Wednesday.

"He's one of the smartest point guards in the league and he's tougher than nails," Robinson said. "He sets picks on the big guys, he sets picks on everybody. They're good picks."

In fact, Robinson said, the Jazz as a team seem to have this pick thing down.

"They're a good pick-setting team," he said. "I think that's how they get Karl Malone open a lot. Their guards set good picks and that kind of killed us, too."

PSYCH JOB: Collins seems to have a knack for getting inside opponents' heads. Besides pestering Webber to the point where he felt it necessary to uncork an elbow, on Monday Collins suckered the Heat into putting him on the line 13 times, and on Wednesday he so flustered Bulls center Brad Miller that he went scoreless.

Collins wasn't on him the entire game, but he did defend him for most of his 29 minutes.

"I put a body on him," Collins said. "I try to do things that will frustrate them. Usually, if you can get into a guy and frustrate him to the point where he flails his arms and tries to take cheap shots, then I'm doing my job. If he's thinking more about me than the game, I'm doing my job."

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