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Senate OKs amendment on county boundaries

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A constitutional amendment that would make it easier to change county boundary lines passed the Senate with the required number of votes Wednesday.

SJR4 would make it possible to change a county line if a majority of the residents voting in both counties agreed to the change. It would also allow county commissions to make minor adjustments to the county line without an election.

Currently, a line can only be changed if the majority of the registered voters approve it. Sen. Carlene Walker, R-Sandy, said that getting even half of the registered voters to the polls would be difficult.

The resolution passed 23-0, giving it the two-thirds needed to go directly to the ballot in November. The House of Representatives will also need to give it two-thirds approval.

The resolution is needed to deal with the growing problem of subdivisions that cross county lines, specifically the SunCrest housing development in Draper. Similar projects are also expected in at least six other counties.