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Lay off Legacy, Rocky

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Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson thinks the Legacy Highway would add to traffic gridlock in Salt Lake. Well, mayor, many of us up north aren't fixing to add to your town's gridlock. We're just trying to drive past Salt Lake safely en route to better things.

We can shop up here at the Trenton Co-op. We can get culture at the Benson Roadshow. We can hear high-class music at the County Fairgrounds Harmonica Contest. We don't need to watch the U. or Jazz lose. Our own teams know how to lose.

And we certainly don't need to come to your office to be fed plain baloney. We can get plenty of that at our local packing plants.

We don't appreciate your environmentalist friends telling us which mosquito breed, cattail or wetlands dweller must be worshipped.

None of us who are trying to drive past Salt Lake, mayor, and not many folks foolish enough to try to get somewhere in your town, will have success by waiting for light-, medium- or heavy-rail transportation — even when built. My grandkids tell me rail cars carry passengers only where rails are laid.

Stop stalling on the Legacy Highway, mayor. We'd like to avoid becoming a traffic statistic on our way to visit Aunt Matilda at the Moroni Cemetery and other folks marginally more alert who have reservations there.

By the way, mayor, you could do some heavy proselytizing in Moroni. They don't think environmental religion is the only true church.

Richard Keeler