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Heart swells with thanks

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I love Salt Lake City! I love Utah! I am so grateful for the good people! As I count my blessings, I am so grateful for the freedom that gives protesters and dissenters a pavilion to express their distress during the 2002 Olympics, but I have decided that my home will be my own little positive Pavilion of Gratitude.

My Christmas lights will be lighted again for that occasion to express an overwhelming thanks to all who have planned and worked so very hard to make it possible. The lights will remind that we take seriously the goals of the Olympic athletes and have incorporated that striving for excellence in our preparations for their coming.

My heart swells with gratitude when I read that the volunteers for this February 2002 event are so many that some must be denied. So many with extra cash have come forward to make our city shine — giving, giving and giving.

The children have been marshaled together in wonderful ways to celebrate excellence by teachers and parents who have my heartfelt gratitude. I am grateful for Irving Berlin, who gave us "God Bless America."

Thank you to all who have given us this opportunity to shine for the whole world. May we all "Light the Flame Within."

H. Joyce Vuyk

Salt Lake City