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Scrap state income tax

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With so much groaning and moaning emanating from the Utah Capitol, I would think that something worthwhile would be born there.

In lieu of that impossibility, may I suggest something that would benefit this poor state for the foreseeable future?

Why not scrap the Utah income tax altogether and be the first among the nation's states to do something right? Simply have a state sales tax in conjunction with the existing city and county sales taxes.

Why? Because every person, citizen or not, would have to pay this tax along with the money they pay for the purchases made in Utah.

Even the illegals would pay for every single purchase. Whereas now they pay very little toward the operation of the state, counties or cities they inhabit, because I surmise they seldom file a state income tax in the first place.

Visitors to this great state would contribute more toward the operation of the previously mentioned units.

The officials who constitute the state congress should be able to think this through without too much effort, especially if the first line of the bill included, "No pork can be amended into this bill in any form whatsoever."

Just keep it simple — please recall the acronym; KISC, (Keep it simple congressmen) or KISS (Keep it simple senators).

My recommendation would be 10 cents or less on the dollar. After all, we don't have to directly support the shenanigans of the U.N. (stands for Us or Nothing).

Leo J. Lee