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Skater requests inquiry into Olympic qualifier

SHARE Skater requests inquiry into Olympic qualifier

DENVER — Speedskater Tommy O'Hare wants the U.S. Olympic Committee to investigate claims that an Olympic qualifying race was fixed.

O'Hare sent a letter to USOC chief executive Lloyd Ward demanding an investigation of the 1,000-meter short-track final Dec. 22 in Kearns.

Shani Davis won the race, holding off his close friend and World Cup champion Apolo Anton Ohno. Davis jumped from eighth to sixth in the standings to grab the last berth for the Salt Lake Games.

O'Hare, a 1998 Olympian, was knocked off the team.

After the race, national short-track coach Susan Ellis questioned whether Ohno tried to win and immediately asked him about his tactics.

"He says he was playing it safe. That's what he says," she explained after the race.

Ohno denied that he was more concerned about Davis getting on the team than winning. And Davis agreed that nothing shady went on between the friends.