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Behold the LDS influence

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Last week I noticed a headline that the police in New York City had advised people planning to be in Times Square on New Year's Eve not to bring booze, bags or packages.

In September, I was in Colorado visiting some of the resorts near Vail. They were having an Oktoberfest, yet everywhere we went there were signs, "No alcohol beyond this point."

Imagine my surprise in realizing that New York City and Colorado had succumbed to the demands of the Mormon Church! They don't want their people to be adults. They are depriving their citizens of their constitutional rights. They don't want anybody to have fun!

Later, I did some searching on the Internet and learned that there are still areas in this great nation where alcohol is not allowed to be sold at all.

I had no idea that the LDS Church had such widespread influence.

Allen S. Thorpe

Castle Dale