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Permit parkway dialogue

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Once again the Utah State Legislature takes the attitude that "it's my way or the highway" (forgive the pun, since in this case their way IS the highway). Heaven forbid there should be dialogue, or even time allowed for the rule of law in the matter of the Legacy Highway. In the opinion of our vaunted rulers, it would seem any opinion but that of the "powers that be." Worse, the Legislature stands ready to smite down anyone who disagree with them; witness the threats of punitive action against the mayor of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City in general and any specific persons who dare to voice negative opinions regarding Legacy Highway.

First, Main Street was taken from our city, then the gang on Capitol Hill gerrymandered Salt Lake City out of any sort of fair political representation, and now the Legislature is determined to remove our most precious open space. Is it any wonder that the chasm in this city is growing ever wider? Things need to change here in Utah. Democracy is an important concept. Free speech should be guarded. Our "legally" elected representatives should be protecting our rights, not to abrogate them, and rather than deepening the gulf of misunderstanding that separates us, we should all be attempting to build bridges across that gaping chasm.

Betsy and Kit Burton

Salt Lake City