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Shooter loses his bid over a murder definition

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Attempted aggravated murder is a criminal charge, the Utah Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The question arose when a man sentenced to spend up to life in prison for shooting two people at an Ogden 7-Eleven claimed that he could not be charged with attempted aggravated murder because the victims were merely wounded, not killed.

In a unanimous decision, the court said the charge does exist and the man confused the charge of felony murder with attempted murder in his arguments.

In January 1999, Jeffrey Lynn Jones walked into a convenience store with a loaded shotgun and shot a customer and the store clerk several times.

Jones called 911 to report the incident and stayed on the phone until police arrived to arrest him. Both victims survived.

Jones pleaded guilty by reason of mental illness. The court upheld Jones' sentence, affirming that he was not mentally ill at the time of the shooting.