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Apologize, Team 2002

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When disagreeable expediencies to bring the 2002 Winter Games to Utah were disclosed and charges filed, the heat turned on Tom Welch and David Johnson.

The rest of Team 2002 skedaddled. Messrs. Welch and Johnson were left hanging and twisting in the wind.

Now with charges ruled baseless, Welch and Johnson need no redemption. But the rest of Team 2002 do. Skedaddling is most craven and unbecoming.

Recompense? Those who would have seen Welch and Johnson crucified must make public confession and humbly apologize to Mr. Welch and Mr. Johnson for the abandonment.

Then they must beseech them to carry that torch into the opening ceremonies to light the sacred flame.

What an example of contrition, reconciliation and cleansing to enlighten, encourage and elevate a worn, weary and jaded world.

As Utah Gov. Mike. Leavitt declared at the beginning: that while the corruption did not begin here it would end here.

Let also the transfiguration begin here.

Robert H. Woody

Salt Lake City