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World datelines


MANAMA — The government licensed its second new pro-reform newspaper to support landmark reforms launched by this conservative Persian Gulf Arab state's ruler. Mansoor al-Jamri, chairman of the planned Arabic-language al-Wasat newspaper, said the daily would support the reforms introduced by Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa last year. Jamri is an opposition activist who returned to Bahrain last year after 15 years of self-exile.


DHAKA — Nearly 30 Bangladeshis were killed and scores injured when a bus overturned and fell into a roadside ditch at Aminbazar, 10 miles from capital Dhaka, police and witnesses said.


BEIJING — China, Russia and four Central Asian states, seeking to revive their role in the global war on terror that has been led by the United States, pledged to combat terrorism in all forms at home and abroad. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization also hailed the demise of the Taliban regime, hoping it would end Afghanistan's days as a source of terror and narcotics.


ROME — Premier Silvio Berlusconi sought to assure European leaders that he will support the continent's political and military union despite the resignation of his respected pro-European foreign minister. In an interview published in the Milan daily Corriere della Sera, Berlusconi said Italy supports an expanded European Union with further political, economic and military integration, including a European defense force and a common constitution.


TOKYO — The father of a former Japanese mental patient charged with stabbing eight schoolchildren to death last June told the court on Monday that he wants to die together with his son for the brutal crime. The son, Mamoru Takuma, 38, pleaded guilty last month at a hearing at Osaka District Court in western Japan, saying he wanted to atone with his life for the stabbing rampage. The court could sentence him to die.


CHTAURA — Winter storms dumped a blanket of snow on much of Lebanon on Monday, cutting off the country's main international highway and leaving dozens of towns without electricity or telephone services.

North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea reported its first natural miracle of 2002, a winter rainbow that shimmered over remote mountains to help celebrate the birth anniversary of state founder Kim Il-sung, state media said Monday. "This was something rare to be seen in winter," the official Korea Central News Agency said of the rainbow that appeared on Saturday morning above Mount Potae near North Korea's border with China.


MANILA — A renegade former governor charged with rebellion and arrested when he fled to Malaysia late last year was deported to the Philippines on Monday to stand trial. Nur Misuari, former governor of a violence-wracked Muslim autonomous region in the southern Philippines, arrived at an air force base amid tight security.


MOSCOW — Fierce fighting erupted in the Chechen town of Argun after Chechen separatists attacked a Russian army and police unit, killing at least two soldiers, Interfax news agency said.


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Somali warlords opposed to the country's interim government said they planned to attend a summit of African leaders in Khartoum this week for talks to stabilize the lawless Horn of Africa state.


TAIPEI — A moderate earthquake rattled southern Taiwan on Monday, seismologists said. No damage or injuries were immediately reported. The 4.7-magnitude quake's epicenter was 15 miles northwest of the city of Taitung, 160 miles south of Taipei.


BANGKOK — The government said it banned distribution of an edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review magazine because of a report in it of strained relations between Thailand's king and prime minister.


BELGRADE — An unidentified man set off a hand grenade in a pub in northern Serbia, killing four people and injuring another 20 on Monday, the state-run Tanjug news agency reported.


LUSAKA — President Levy Mwanawasa named a 20-member Cabinet with a warning that he would tolerate no graft in his new government. "Ministers will have no room for corruption or advancement of personal interest. Any betrayal of these ideals will lead to us parting company," Mwanawasa, sworn in as Zambia's third president last week, told parliament.