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Cauldron Arrives at Rice-Eccles

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A huge object that's soon to become internationally famous -- the Olympic cauldron -- made a grand tour of Davis and Salt Lake Counties Sunday.

The cauldron, where the Olympic flame will burn bright for 17 days in February, arrived at Rice-Eccles stadium Sunday night.

News Specialist John Hollenhorst reports.

Shhhhhhhhh! It's supposed to be a big secret, one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Olympics.

The Olympic cauldron is still under wraps. Good luck figuring out what it looks like before it's officially unveiled Tuesday morning.

Specifically, it's inside a giant blue tarp which traveled down the freeways at about 12 miles an hour Sunday.

We got all excited when we saw the structure OUTSIDE the tarp. Looked to us like giant horseshoes. So we figured maybe it's an Old West theme.

WRONG! Insiders say we couldn't be further from the truth.

The horseshoes are just a temporary support structure. The cauldron itself, we're told, has a modernistic, 21st Century design. Once the torch arrives and fires it up, it's meant to capture a Fire and Ice theme for the Winter Olympics.

The cauldron stands 74 feet high. Once it's perched on its base at the south end of the stadium, it will tower 117 feet above the ground.

The Olympic flame is expected to be visible throughout the valley, assuming no temperature inversions during the Olympics.

The fire-and-ice theme will be captured with glass, water, propane and natural gas.

The design concept is that the cauldron is something like a chalice to hold the flame. The flame itself will draw the eye and remain the center of attention for 17 days.

The organizing committee plans a major media event Tuesday to unveil the cauldron. And then we'll all await the big event on February 8th when the torch is carried into the stadium to light up Utah's place on the world stage.