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U.S. is founded on deity

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In a letter to the editor, Michael J. Lincoln stated that he is against Rep. Siddoway's legislation for ". . . one nation under God." He believes that this is insensitive to non-Christians.

What Lincoln needs to understand is that all nations are founded on a specific belief. America happens to be based on a creator, God.

All he needs to do to verify this is to read the Declaration of Independence, and he will see that ". . . we are endowed by our Creator," not atheism or secular humanism. The belief in no god or in humanism has historically led to tyrannical repression, leaving the people with the lowest standard of living and the highest human-rights violations.

Mankind has only two choices: the belief in God or the belief in no god. A belief in no god promotes evolution, which believes in the survival of the fittest. This belief holds that through survival (and death of the unfit), mankind has evolved to be the highest order of species so far. So why are there laws against murder?

This belief system was promoted by mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin and chairman Mao. This belief system was not promoted by our Founding Fathers because of their belief in God, who taught that murder was a sin and that we all should respect human life.

What I find insensitive is that Lincoln has no appreciation or respect for our Founding Fathers, who died for their beliefs that America was founded upon. I find this to be insensitive, disrespectful and ungrateful.

Americans need to support our foundational beliefs as Rep. Siddoway has done.

Nels Timm