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Evil? Show me the proof

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My kids and I were discussing the article on the Springville High Red Devils written by Geoffrey Fattah on Dec. 31, 2001. We were wondering if there had been any documentation of the "evil" influence of the school mascot on Springville High students. We figured most kids who are doing bad things probably don't even know what their school mascot is.

I graduated from Orem High in 1967. I always thought Springville had a cool mascot and their school colors red and black made the best cheerleader and band outfits. I never saw Springville as followers of Satan. Am I just too naive? We also wondered if devil's food cake or deviled eggs were served at the meetings to discuss the removal of the Springville mascot.

If this issue really is causing some social problems it should be addressed; otherwise, we should try to find ways to solve more immediate problems like drug use, illegitimate children, illiteracy, poor education, teen suicide, etc. (And we'll need documentation for any inferences that the Springville High mascot is causing any of these problems.)

Diane Stemmons

South Jordan