LONDON — Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis says he won't fight Mike Tyson on April 6, but he could take on another challenger.

"The April 6 date is definitely out the window for the Tyson fight, but it may be OK for another fight," Lewis told BBC Radio on Sunday. "Later in the year for a Lewis-Tyson fight, definitely.

"Mike Tyson is the ultimate matchup in my era, and it would be disappointing not only for me but for the public not to see that matchup, so on the sport aspect that fight should be made."

If Lewis goes ahead with a fight April 6, his most likely opponent would be IBF challenger Chris Bird.

Tyson lost his bid to fight Lewis in Las Vegas on April 6 when the Nevada Athletic Commission voted 4-1 last Tuesday to deny him a boxing license.

Lewis and Tyson brawled last month at a news conference in New York to announce the fight.

Lewis has not ruled out the possibility of fighting Tyson outside the United States. South Africa, the Netherlands and Germany have expressed interest in holding the bout.

Tyson has taken the first step in applying for a license in California, where he hopes to fight Lewis. Rob Lynch, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, has said a hearing probably will be held late this month.

"There are a lot of different situations that could develop," Lewis said. "Everything is still young, the decision has just been made and we need to go back and see what comes out of this.

"But I would love to beat up Tyson and give him a whipping because the public want to see it, plus the fans want to see a Lewis-Tyson matchup, so it is a disappointment to those people as well."