WASHINGTON (AP) ? Proving that Olympic flip-flops are not limited to the aerial skiing competition, the House ethics committee has reversed its ban on Utah representatives taking free tickets to Olympic events.

The committee had told the delegation they could not accept free credentials that would give them access to Olympic competitions because the passes would violate House rules that prohibit gifts worth $50 or more.

But Rep. Jim Matheson's office was notified Thursday that the committee had decided to let Utah's delegation attend the sporting events if the members feel it is part of their congressional responsibilities.

Matheson said he doesn't see how going to sporting events fits his official duties and he won't be taking his free passes.

The ethics committee had already given the delegation permission to attend the opening and closing ceremonies for the Games, because acting as hosts for those events falls into the member's official capacities.

The Senate ethics committee has been asked to consider the ticket issue as well.