Freedom trail

There's a lot of talk that the Patriots were destined to win the Super Bowl simply because these are patriotic times.

It may even be true.

In that case, I'm penciling in the George Washington Colonials as NCAA basketball champs.

One small voice

At least one person in America thought the Patriots would win.

An "oracle reader" named Bree, working the French Quarter, told the New Orleans Times-Picayune during bowl week that she turned over the "success" card for New England.

She went on to say the card "gives you the power to change things."

Somebody, quick! Get one of those cards to Kevin O'Connor.

Before the trade deadline.

One for all

I have no problem with the Patriots being introduced as a team, rather than individuals.

Just so long as the next time one of them is arrested for drunken driving or domestic abuse, we get to blame all of the Patriots, not just one.

Trading places

Worst moment of Super Bowl XXXVI?

Had to be when Terry Bradshaw attempted to sing "Hard Day's Night" with Paul McCartney during a halftime interview.

"I sang with the Beatles!" Bradshaw cackled.


And McCartney played quarterback for the Steelers.

Only on Fox

Somehow, I can't imagine Bob Costas singing "Blowin' in the Wind" with Bob Dylan.

Critical analysis

Most astute comment of the game had to have been when John Madden said, "Not only do you have to have a man open, you've got to see him open."

You don't say.

Trail of evidence

Chalk up a turnover for Rick Majerus. He was removed from the USA Today/ESPN basketball poll last week because he wasn't voting — and the assistant coach he assigned to vote wasn't paying attention.

Majerus' foul-up was discovered when the assistant picked Temple No. 9 in the polls despite its 6-12 record.

That raised some eyebrows.

The Utes aren't saying who did the voting, but here's a hint: If you see a sudden change of coaching assignments in the near future, you can assume it involves the phantom voter.

Whole new level

Also in the "turnover" department is the outburst by Portland's Rasheed Wallace.

The Trail Blazer forward charged out of bounds, then swatted a TV monitor and knocked the glasses off a sportswriter during Saturday's game with the Jazz.

Here's a good rule of thumb, 'Sheed: When coach tells you to get aggressive, he doesn't mean with a TV monitor.