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Clinton praises Brady for her gun-control work

Former President Bill Clinton praised the efforts of gun control activist Sarah Brady at a party in Manhattan to celebrate publication of her new book, "A Good Fight."

Clinton said Tuesday that Brady's 20-year campaign to keep guns out of the hands of criminals has "given the gift of life to countless thousands and thousands of Americans."

Brady's husband, former White House press secretary James Brady, was wounded in the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

During James Brady's long recovery, the couple began a public campaign for legislation that would place restrictions on the purchase of handguns.

Their efforts culminated a decade later during the Clinton administration with the signing of the Brady Law, which requires background checks on gun buyers.

"This is pretty incredible. I guess it's like my life," Sarah Brady said. "This life I've had, with ups and downs, has been wonderful."

Brady said the Court TV network has contacted her about making a movie based on the book.

She said the Brady legislation might never have been passed without Clinton's support.

"We would never have reduced gun violence in this country, we would never be where we are today without the support of Bill Clinton," she said. "He's always fought for what he believes in, and for that we have a safer world today."