SARATOGA SPRINGS — An infant girl was rescued from the bottom of the Saratoga Springs community swimming pool Friday after a relative found her and pulled her out of the water.

Utah County Deputy Jo Murphy said Abigail Polsen, 2, was discovered at the pool's bottom after her aunt noticed her missing and began to search the water.

"We think she was only missing for a couple of minutes," Murphy said.

The blond-haired tot was crying and breathing before the Saratoga Springs First Response team arrived. She was transported by a Lehi ambulance to the American Fork Hospital for observation.

"She was breathing but with difficulty," Murphy said.

"Her aunt had given her a couple of rescue breaths, and a nurse was on the scene who helped. Last I heard she was doing well."

Murphy said the Polsen family is from Arizona and was visiting at Saratoga Springs.