"From where we speak it is a beautiful April Sabbath morning. The tulips are well out of the ground and will soon be bursting into flowering beauty. In the winter of our doubt, there came the hope of spring. We knew it would come. Such was our faith based on the experiences of earlier years.

"And so it is with matters of the spirit and soul.

"My call to you this morning is a call of faith.

"The challenge which faces every member of this church is to take the next step, to accept that responsibility to which he is called, even though he does not feel equal to it, and to do so in faith with the full expectation that the Lord will light the way before him.

"Faith is the very fiber that gives strength to this work. Wherever the Church is established, across the broad world, it is evident . . . . We are people of faith. We walk by faith. We move forward on our eternal journey, one step at a time.

"Great, and at times unforeseen, are the ways of the Lord. Marvelous are the fruits of faith. It is the power that builds and sustains this church. It is the path we walk as his disciples.

"And so goes, my brothers and sisters, this great work of faith, lifting people across this broad Earth to increased understanding of the ways of the Lord and greater happiness in following his pattern.

"May God, our Eternal Father, continue to smile upon this his kingdom and cause it to prosper as we his children walk in faith is my humble prayer."