How will passing a law against carrying handguns into schools and churches without permission make people more safe? Where is the logic in that? If a crazy, angry, violent, sick, vengeful person knows that only other law-breakers have guns concealed in a school or church, he can act with impunity and maim or kill as many people as possible and no one will have the power to stop his shooting spree.

Are the folks picking up or dropping off their children at day cares and schools, or going in and out of churches, dangerous citizens? Really, you believe that? Then YOU are more paranoid than your neighbors who are carrying weapons all the time, and never tell you or anyone else about it. And if you believe that somehow the NRA has corrupted our state legislators with money, power, bennies — what else? -—then this is also evidence of your lack of trust in our leaders who certainly know their own minds without Charlton Heston preaching to them.

Merlin Douglas Larsen

West Jordan