Rustic lighting fixtures and high-end furnishings propelled a garage-based business into a multimillion-dollar company.

Stephen Young, president and chief executive officer of Hammerton, a Salt Lake manufacturer of lighting furnishings, was just 22 years old when he and friend Levi Wilson started the business.

Young's fascination with iron fabrication began after high school when he joined an engineering firm and traveled the country.

By 1995 Young set out on his own, making four-wheel-drive accessories for owners of Hummers and Land Rovers. It was during those early days that Young's customers inquired about custom work for their homes, introducing new opportunities for the startup business.

Traditional financing was difficult to obtain as the business grew. However, Young was able to secure 100 percent deposits on 12-week delivery times and essentially finance the growth of the company on the backs of his customers.

Today, Hammerton markets lighting products to wealthy clients, offering custom projects and a unique product line unavailable to the average consumer.

Growth of the 7-year-old company has accelerated. Since March of 1999, Hammerton increased its revenue by 51 percent, showing a profit for 24 straight months.

The company today employs more than 50 people and is represented by wholesale showrooms in every major market in the nation. Hammerton offers more than 600 products in five different styles and can be seen in some of the finest homes, resorts and hotels in the country.