New temples for Curitiba, Brazil, and Panama City, Panama, have been announced by the First Presidency.

The new temples have been announced in letters to local priesthood leaders with their corresponding temple districts. The Curitiba temple district will include 21 stakes from the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. The Church has deep roots in Curitiba, with nine stakes in the city. The first was created in 1971, the fourth in Brazil and the first outside Sao Paulo.

The Panama City Panama Temple District will include all of Panama's seven stakes and three districts. Included is the San Blas Panama District, made up of indigenous members living on the San Blas Islands.

During a visit to Panama Dec. 18, 2000, President Gordon B. Hinckley mentioned the possibility of a temple in that land.

"If you will pay your tithing and keep the other commandments, we will find a way to build a temple in Panama," he told 5,000 members in a meeting. "But we can't do it unless you do your part. The temple will cost much, much, much more than you will pay in tithing, but that will come about as a gift of the Church, as a blessing from the Lord, because you have exercised the faith to keep that sacred law."