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‘Mole’ celebrity sick of ‘unreal’ women

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HOLLYWOOD — Yes, Kathy Griffin is one of the participants on ABC's "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" (which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC-Ch. 4).

No, she's not proud of it.

"Easy, easy. We all do things we regret, OK buddy?" she said in response to a question about the show. "Look, I needed cash."

Not that she necessarily has anything against reality shows. As a matter of fact, there's one thing she "loves" about them. "I really think it's great to see real, live women on prime-time television," Griffin said. "I'm so sick to death of seeing all those skinny, perfect women. Those 'Friends' have ruined the world, as far as I'm concerned. Those 'Friends' have ruined my life.

"I like seeing Ghandia on 'Survivor: Thailand.' And I like seeing Daniel on 'Big Brother 3.' And I like seeing these women who have real bodies and look like real people."

That's a point she's tried to make before without much success. "I used to do focus groups to try to make money, and I did a focus group for a soap."

And she "went there with a mission," to a focus group for "The Bold and the Beautiful." "I'm going in there and I'm going to say this is (expletive). These women are all too perfect-looking. I'm sick to death and bored with them. So I go in, and it's me and a whole bunch of fat, Midwestern housewives. And then it comes time for the roundtable, and I said, 'OK, here's my problem with this show. The women don't look like real people. I want to see more real women.'

"I was the only one who said that in the whole room. Every other woman is, like, eating her Cheetos and going, 'I like the one with the blond hair.' But, anyway, one thing I do like about these reality shows is, I like seeking women who look like real women."

NO REALITY THERE: Griffin is best known for the four years she spent co-starring with Brooke Shields on "Suddenly Susan." And she readily admits that that sitcom was about as far from reality TV as it could be. "There's no, like, reality happening on 'Suddenly Susan,' really," she said. "I wouldn't call it 'gritty.' I wouldn't liken it to an episode of 'Frontline.' I wouldn't say there was any groundbreaking going on, but it was fun."

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