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UHP identifies cars at fault in pileup

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The Utah Highway Patrol has completed its investigation into Wednesday's 59-car pileup on I-80 and has determined who hit whom.

The accident resulted in nearly 50 injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to one critical injury.

Investigators were able to break the incident down into more than a dozen separate accidents stretching from approximately 5600 West to 7200 West.

The largest single pileup and the one that caused the most serious injuries involved 17 cars and three semitrailer trucks at 6700 West. That incident was broken down into seven separate accidents, said UHP Lt. Mike Rapich.

The vehicles that were at fault in each of the accidents have been identified, he said. Once the paperwork is completed, the data will be submitted to the district attorney's office to be screened for possible citations.

Most of those charges will be related to either speeding or following too closely, Rapich said.