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Museum displays 150 Bibles

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MEXICO CITY — Some 150 Bibles, including those in the indigenous languages of Tzotzil, Soque, Mayan, Chinateco, Husateco and Zapotecas, which reflect the religious expansion of the natives of Mexico in recent decades, are on display to the public at the Museum of Mormonism in Mexico City. The display opened Dec. 14 with some 600 people, including a performing choir from the Puebla Mexico Stake, attending. Parts of the display, "From Papyrus to the Computer: the Bible, More than Four Thousand Years of History," was also included in a display at a metro station of the Mexico City subway.

Sergio Pagaza Castillo, director of the museum, said, "The museum donated biblical material to the Museum of Sacred Scriptures, A.C., and among those attending the subway exposition were organizations interested in promoting the Bible in Mexico."