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Game of 'Tag

Someone is "sideways" with Jerry Sloan again. Could it be Scott Padgett? DeShawn Stevenson? John Amaechi?

Here's an educated guess: At least one possible offender is 7-foot-2 and operates on one kidney.

Sloan says he's having a problem with players who don't want to be subbed out of the lineup. Greg Ostertag had words with Sloan after being benched in the second half Sunday night and didn't return to the lineup.

If you ask me, Sloan need not be too concerned, though.

Until this year, the problem with 'Tag was never that he wanted to play too much.

It was that he wanted to play too little.

One for the road

Ohio megaprep star LeBron James is driving a Hummer SUV these days, the sort that retails for more than $50,000.

High school officials are suspicious of the source. Some reports say his mother bought the car for his 18th birthday.

Which ranks right up there with "I got it from the tooth fairy" and "I paid for it with my allowance."

Fries with that?

Aw, quit grumbling about prices. The burgers at the Delta Center are as cheap as dirt.

Relatively speaking.

A New York steakhouse has introduced a burger that cost $41. But unlike the $6 burger at Carl's Jr., this one really does cost what it says it costs.

I shall never complain about the price of stadium food again.


The erstwhile Utah WNBA team, the Starzz, have a new nickname. San Antonio says the franchise will henceforth be known as the Silver Stars.

That's pretty good.

But my favorite nickname had to do with the $1 million a year they were losing in Utah: the $tar$.

Color scheming

Congratulations to Ron McBride.

The former Utah head coach is trading in his colors to become linebackers' coach at Kentucky.

But we gotta be straight with you, Coach.

You're gonna look crummy in blue.

Worm has turned

Last week Dennis Rodman was arrested.

I know. Hard to imagine.

The Worm was picked up after a woman said he assaulted her. That makes more than 70 visits by police to his Newport Beach pad since he moved in a few years back.

Strange, but he's not nearly as amusing as he was when he could play basketball.

On demand

Kyle Whittingham and Bronco Mendenhall got more publicity than Frodo a few weeks back.

"Bronco comes home" said one headline, when he was hired as BYU's defensive coordinator. On the same page of the Dec. 18 Deseret News, it said, "Kyle stays: New contract from U. pleases Whittingham."

Coaches will tell you offense wins games, but defense wins championships. I don't know about that.

But one thing I do know: It sure can win some nifty raises.

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