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Teens behaved in Vegas

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Regarding the recent controversy about whether the art students at Springville High School should be allowed to visit art exhibits in Las Vegas, may I offer some observations from my experience?

Two years ago, I had the privilege to be a chaperone for the Riverton High School orchestra and band when they participated in a music festival in Las Vegas. We stayed in a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, even though the festival was in a location away from the Strip. The students were allowed — with their assigned chaperones — to explore the fancy hotels and attractions along the Strip. They were very well behaved and they were a credit to their school and community.

It has been my experience that most students can be given guidelines for behavior and can be trusted to act within those guidelines. Those who are inclined to get into trouble, however, will find a way to do so, whether at home, in Las Vegas — or even in San Diego, the place approved by the Nebo School Board.

Larry A. Eggett

Salt Lake City