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Bennett is honored for blasting Demos

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WASHINGTON — Pro sports leagues give awards for the best players of the week. Now, Senate Republicans have decided to give an award for the best speech of the week — and Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, won the first one. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, vice chairwoman of the Senate Republican Conference, decided to give the award for senators who best manage to express the GOP message in floor speeches.

The award itself is a cheap, red plastic firefighter's helmet with a logo on front that says, "Majority Message — Fireman of the Week." It is akin to the old fire hat that went to major league baseball's best relief pitcher — representing the person who could best put out opponents' fire.

She gave the award to Bennett for attacking Democrats for continuing to hang on to committee chairmanships despite losing the majority in the last election.

Bennett even showed a copy of an e-mail from top Democratic aides showing that before Congress ever convened, they planned to tie up the Senate for weeks. Bennett said it was evidence that Democrats want to block Congress from accomplishing much — and then try to blame Republicans for inaction.