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New stake presidencies

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Two new stakes have been created in Argentina and Venezuela.

The Buenos Aires Argentina Longchamps Stake, which includes the Alejandro Korn, Glew, Guernica, Longchamps and Numancia wards, and the Coronel Brandsen, San Vicente and General Belgrano branches, has been created by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy.

The Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela Stake, which includes the Ciudad Bolivar, La Sabanita, Peru, Soledad and Vista Hermosa wards, has been created by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Chile, England, Hong Kong, Mexico and Samoa, and in Utah.


BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA LONGCHAMPS STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2002) Created from the Buenos Aires Argentina Adrogue Stake. President — Ernesto Alejandro Jimenez A., 45, gardener for Buenos Aires Argentina Temple; wife, Emma Noriega N. de Jimenez. Counselors — Daniel Geronimo Pardo A., 42, self-employed construction worker; wife, Mary Carmen Zamit B. de Pardo. Angel Orlando Toloza, 38, supervisor for Dinan; wife, Julia Margarita Flores L. de Toloza.

CIUDAD BOLIVAR VENEZUELA STAKE: (Nov. 10, 2002) Created from the Ciudad Bolivar Venezuela District. President — Hector Luis Arevolo, 41, president and owner of construction business; wife, Damellys Yepez R. de Arevolo. Counselors — Henry Ventura Silva T., 43, police official; wife, Ana Gyelinis Yepez R. de Silva. Jose Rafael Malave, 44, library coordinator for University of Gran Mariscal; wife, Suni de Jesus Rivas F. de Malave.


BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MARCOS PAZ STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2002) President — Julio Oscar Moreno, 34, employed by Pirelli S.R.L.; succeeding Ismael Hector Segovia; wife, Mirta Nelida Muguruza F. de Moreno. Counselors — Raimundo Sosa, 52, operator for Tortu S.A.; wife, Francisca Diaz R. de Sosa. Manuel Antonio Abad, 49, costs analyst for Church area office; wife, Ana Maria Farias P. de Abad.

CRAWLEY ENGLAND STAKE: (Dec. 15, 2002) President — Graham Peter Baynes, 49, motor insurance product manager for Royal Sunalliance; succeeding Gary Leonard Mann; wife, Barbara Jean Robinson Baynes. Counselors — Peter John Parsons, 53, retired finance director; wife, Maralyn Frances Hayes Parsons. David Edward Mann, 48, senior business consultant for ITNET; wife, Evita Jungheim Mann.

CURICO CHILE STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2002) President — Mario A. Campos R., 31, finance assistant for Multihogar Distributor; succeeding Adolfo Anselmo Montalban Reyes; wife, Maria Del Carmen Orellana B. de Campos. Counselors — Eduardo Berrios V., 32, self-employed in leather business; wife, Dania del Carmen Gonzalez S. de Berrios. Sergio L. Paredes H., 31, leather cutter; wife, Gloria Elena Lagos O. de Paredes.

HARRISVILLE UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2002) President — Jay Allen Bradley, 38, health systems district manager for IAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.; succeeding Bruce Thomas Griffin; wife, Cheryl J. Schaffer Allen. Counselors — Kevin Richard Jensen, 45, facilities engineer for ATK Thiokol; wife, Lynette Godfrey Jensen. Garth Andrew Martin, 47, construction manager for Church; wife, Louey Ann Carrauil Martin.

HONG KONG KOWLOON WEST STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2002) President — Shiu Fai Peter Lee, 43, systems project manager for Schlum Berlar Sema; succeeding Yin Sang Peter Poon; wife, Oi Ping Au Lee. Counselors — Kam Tim Kwok, 39, area director for Church Educational System; wife, Wai-Lan Choi Kwok. Kam Chuen Albert Law, 33, self-employed paint wholesaler; wife, Git Man Lam Law.

HYRUM UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2002) President — Steven J. Miller, 48, chief executive officer for Silicone Plastics; succeeding Gary Lyle Clawson; wife, Joni Kae Earl Miller. Counselors — Arthur R. Jones, 60, head of HPER Dept. at Utah State University; wife, Calleen Woolsey Jones. David S. Funk, 49, vice president of Spillman Technologies; wife, Elaine Woffinden Funk.

ROMFORD ENGLAND STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2002) President — Clifford Tex Herbertson, 38, group strategy director for EXEL; succeeding Max G. Gollaher; wife, Julie Clare Martin Herbertson. Counselors — David William Page, 55, prisoner custody officer for Group 4 of the Basildon Clonn Court; wife, Margaret Judith Egleton Page. Martin Nicholls, retained.

SALT LAKE WILFORD STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2002) President — David Hal Fuhriman, 55, senior vice president of retail administration at Zions Bank; succeeding David M. Mayfield; wife, Karen Ericksen Fuhriman. Counselors — John Douglass Bowers, 59, owner and vice president of Talen Development; wife, Linda Lee Funk Bowers. Melvin Scott Newbold, 44, manager of performance measures for the Church; wife, Jerilee Nance Newbold.

SANTIAGO CHILE EL BOSQUE STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2002) President — Ricardo Antonio Alegria N., 43, English laboratory coordinator for Tronwell S.A.; succeeding Hugo Orlando Parraguez Carrasco; wife, Elizabeth De Lourdes Rodriguez G. de Alegria. Counselors — Juan A. Rupallan N., 44, administrative employee for Citibank; wife, Margarita de las Mercedes Perez D. de Rupallan. Jose Servando Araneda B., 45, administrative employee for Lido Imports; wife, Erica Soledad Leiva J. de Araneda.

TEHUACAN MEXICO STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2002) President — Jose Ignacio Caballero S., 42, sales agent for Rua Mexicana de Puebla; succeeding Demesio de Jesus Rueda J.; wife, Graciela Aquino P. de Caballero. Counselors — Sergio Manuel Castillo M., 30, owner of laundry center; wife, Liliana Martha Osorio R. de Castillo. Juan Luna L., 48, taxi driver; wife, Graciela Adriana Caballero S. de Luna.

UPOLU SAMOA NORTH STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2002) President — Maalaelu Paulino, 44, employed in police and prison work; succeeding Afatia Pelenato Afualo; wife, Aniva Togise Paulino. Counselors —Losi Iuli, 58, accountant at W.S.T.E.C.; wife, Asiata Tuso Iuli. Lafogia Paia, 31, assistant director of CES Saniatu Institute; wife, Matilda Gasu Paia.