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Filmmaker not laughing at portrayals of 2 icons

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Filmmaker Spike Lee says he's concerned that young moviegoers will form their first impressions of civil rights icons Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. from a bitter character in last year's comedy "Barbershop."

The keynote speaker at two events Saturday in Lauderhill, Fla., honoring King's birthday, Lee told hundreds of teenagers at the Lauderhill Boys & Girls Club that he didn't laugh when he heard a character played by Cedric the Entertainer belittle Parks' refusal to move to the back of the bus.

Lee, the maker of films such as "Malcolm X," "Do the Right Thing" and the recently released "25th Hour," also didn't find it funny when the character accused King of being sexually promiscuous.

But Lee said too many adults do laugh at those scenes. Instead, he said they should be teaching young children about the accomplishments, challenges and sacrifices of the leaders of the civil rights movement.