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Illegals cost us dearly

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The Deseret News recently reported that "Illegals grasp passport to college" by taking advantage of the law allowing resident tuition for illegal immigrants.

According to ABCnews.com, the INS estimates Utah's illegal population is nearly 75,000. Let's assume that 30,000 are children attending school (up to and including college). Each of these students costs $6,000 to educate per year. That comes to $180 million per year.

But, it is said, these workers pay taxes, too. Assuming the salary of each undocumented worker is $30,000 per year and assuming they pay all taxes, their state tax payment would be $3,180 per year. Assuming that 20,000 of these illegal aliens are employed, that would leave $117 million, the same amount as the recent Utah state budget shortfall.

Must be a coincidence.

Robert Wren

Heber City