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Sharpton files to run for president

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WASHINGTON — Saying the Democratic Party needs to expand its political base, the Rev. Al Sharpton formally filed papers Tuesday seeking the party's nomination for the 2004 presidential race.

The 48-year-old civil rights leader said he was the only candidate who is "anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-tax cut across the board." Sharpton, who is black, said he would reach out to disaffected voters, including Latinos, blacks and young people.

"The Democratic Party cannot win unless it expands its base, unless it goes out and gets those that have been disaffected," Sharpton said at a news conference after filing the papers at the Federal Election Commission. He has unsuccessfully run for mayor and the U.S. Senate.

Last week, Sharpton charged that too many presidential candidates are "rich white men" who don't understand the makeup of America or the world community, and that the country is "going in the wrong direction."