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Censorship is wrong

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As an artist and an actor, I have watched quietly as movies have diverged from being a canvas for socially forbidden issues to a slew of pointless, fun shows that make the people who watch them walk away with a "good" feeling.

This is painful. It follows the path of society as we become more and more centered on ourselves and shove social issues under the rug. At least some directors and artists have taken the time and effort to make quality masterpieces.

The only problem is, some of these movies have nudity, violence, so on and so forth. A certain few want their children to watch these shows, so find the need to edit the film to fit their moral standards.

This is a blatant infringement of the artists' rights. You are taking a work of art, much like a painting, and cutting out stuff you don't like. Would it be OK if I pasted arms on the Venus de Milo or decided to put a nice, large, orange rose in Picasso's "Guernica" on the grounds I felt the piece was too morbid?

People have no right to change a masterpiece because they don't deem it fit for their children's eyes. I say, if you don't want your children to see it, don't let them see it.

Josh Nesseth

Salt Lake City