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Get organized on bill-paying to promote peace of mind

Pad can stop zipper-pull from scratching dryer

SHARE Get organized on bill-paying to promote peace of mind

Dear Heloise: I wanted to share my way of managing bill-paying. I felt as if I was paying bills all the time and was never sure that the right ones were being paid at the right time.

I decided I needed a system. First, I dedicated one of the cubbies in our kitchen desk to bills, checkbooks and checking-account statements. That way, if I am sick or out of town, my husband can always find the checkbook and the current bills. Second I looked at the dates of all the bills. As each bill came in, I opened it and filed it by date. When I sat down to pay bills, the ones needing attention first were on top.

I have another rule — I never write fewer than three checks at a time, so I pull out whatever else is waiting. The bills get paid, I don't worry that I am missing something, and we are probably saving money by paying each bill on time, but not too early, either. — Sophia M. Korczyk, via e-mail

Dear Heloise: Used dryer sheets are great to use on the new dust mops. One used sheet will usually do a quick dust-mop job. Also, if you are out of the regular dusting sheets and do not have a dryer sheet handy, just use a paper towel. — B. Pfalzgraf, Parkersburg, W.Va.

Dear Heloise: If you have a plastic bag that you normally would close with a twist tie, a paper clip will do the job if you can't find a twist tie. — Frederick, via e-mail

Dear Heloise: I washed a corduroy jacket the other day. It has a big, clunky, metal zipper pull on it. When I put it in the dryer, I could hear the zipper pull clanking on my dryer drum, and I thought it would scratch or chip the paint on it. What to do?

I remembered I had a collection of soft shoulder pads I had taken out of blouses, etc., and saved for future sewing projects. I took one and a big safety pin, doubled the shoulder pad over like a half-taco and pinned it around both sides and through the hole in the zipper pull so it would stay there. When I put it back in the dryer, no more noise and no scratches. — Rusti Stover, Houston

Here's a hint about perfume and cologne. These fragrance items should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and high humidity. So, if you keep bottles of perfume or cologne out on your bathroom vanity, it might be a good idea to move them to a place where they will last longer. Here's a note: If your perfume starts to change color, then it is probably over the hill. — Heloise

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