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KSL reclaims top spot in rating

SHARE KSL reclaims top spot in rating

News and talk is apparently the most popular radio format again in the Salt Lake radio market. KSL (AM-1160) has jumped back on top in the latest "Arbitrend," partial-quarter, rating estimates.

KSL has a 7.5 percent audience share among the age 12-plus, according to new Arbitron figures. That's up from 6.8 percent from the last full book and compares to 7.0 from one year ago. KNRS, another news-talk station, has also improved significantly.

KUBL (FM-93.3) continues to improve and is now second with a 6.8 percent share. A year ago, "K-Bull" was only 4.7 percent.

KSFI ("FM-100") is third at 5.8 percent, but that's down from a 7.7 percent one year ago and likely the lowest share for this easy-listening station in decades.

Rounding out the top 10 are: 4. KRSP (4.7); 5. KQMB (4.2); 6. KXRK (4.1); 7. (tie) KNRS-AM and KZHT (3.9); 9. (tie) KODJ and KUUU (3.5).

If Bonneville International's purchase of KSFI, KRSP and KQMB from Simmons Media does go through as proposed, then with these ratings, Bonneville would have four of the top five stations in the market. With its new stations and these ratings, Bonneville would be the market leader with a 22.2 per audience share, followed by Clear Channel at 20.5 percent. Citadel would be third at 16.5 percent. Millcreek Broadcasting would be fourth at 8.0 percent, Simmons Media fifth at 5.8 and Mercury sixth at 4.6 percent.

In the all-sports battle, KZNS (AM-1230) has beaten KFNZ (AM-1320) again.

A new station, KARB (FM-104.9, country music now and formerly an oldies format from Tremonton) has starting showing up in the ratings now.

The other stations, as ranked in these latest monthly "phase two" Arbitron ratings are: 11. KSOP (3.4); 12. KBEE-FM (3.2); 13. (tie) KENZ and KMGD (3.0); 15. (tie) KBER and KKAT (2.9); 17. (tie) KCPX and KOSY (2.3); 19. KBZN (2.2); 20. KURR (1.9); 21. KISN (1.8); 22. KWKD (1.5); 23. KALL-AM (1.4); 24. KBJA/KHQN (1.3); 25. KWLW-AM (1.2); 26. KSVN-AM (1.1); 27. (tie) KJQN and KKDS-AM (0.9); 29. (tie) KSGO-AM and KZNS (0.8); 31. KFNZ-AM (0.6); 32. (tie) KSOP and KARB (0.5).

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