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Rock on . . .

No rest for the weary

If only Rick Majerus could enjoy the moment.

After beating No. 1 Alabama this week, he was asked about the significance. "That's really more of a media thing. We didn't prepare any differently for this game than we will for the Ripon game (Jan. 14)," he said.

He did allow the win was "very nice, I'm very happy for our fans." But that was it — no jubilation whatsoever.

I'm guessing he's too busy worrying about the upcoming trifecta of non-conference behemoths: Saint Mary's, IPFW and Ripon.

Good thing the Utes didn't schedule Concordia this year.

He might have driven himself mad.


Majerus is far from the only coach with a one-track mind.

Miami Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt recently noticed a grand piano in his house.

"How long has that been there?" he reportedly asked his wife.

"Two months," she said.

At least she won't have to worry about him noticing any dents in the Beemer.

Miracle on S. Campus

Majerus' reluctance to relish the win over Alabama didn't prevent him from delivering a line about the nightmarish parking situation around the Huntsman Center.

"Anyone who found parking around here, that's a greater miracle than anything that's going on down at the temple," he said.

Gee, I must really be lucky. I got a spot in the lot next to the arena.

Of course, I had a reserved parking pass.

Some miracles require a little help from University Parking Services.

It's Urban, as in turban

Thanks to the readers who reminded me Utah's defensive coordinator is Kyle Whittingham, not Kyle Morrell. My mistake.

Jan. 1 and already a screw-up.

Now if I can only keep from referring to the new head coach as Fred Meyer . . .

Under the radar

Rated No. 8 on the Deseret News list of top sports stories this year was the return of women's basketball to Utah State University.

Sorry. I confess.

I didn't know they left.

A win by any other name

Newspapers across the country are listing some of the year's best sports quotes. Among them, one from golfer Neil Lancaster, who bogeyed the last hole to lose the Canadian Open.

Recalling Jean Van de Velde's similar meltdown in the British Open, he said, "I guess I know how Jean-Claude Van Damme feels, or whatever his name is."

We guess you do, Burt.

Time travel

And lastly, my favorite quote of 2002, compliments of Tampa Bay defensive tackle Warren Sapp, on coach Jon Gruden: "Listen, the man comes to work at 3:45 a.m. You've got to respect a guy going to work when I'm just getting home."

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