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Explore cloning further

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There are many issues that could be explored further in regard to the discussion of human cloning in the article by Dennis Romboy (Jan. 2). I wish to emphasize two important points. First, it is not necessary to establish that embryos have unique spirits in order to come to the conclusion the early stages of human life are sacred and should not be used instrumentally, as purely a means to an end (however noble or promising the end). Second, the suggestion that having sex kills embryos is offensive. It obfuscates the fundamental moral difference between death that occurs by natural process (dying) and death that occurs by an intervention of man (killing).

The issues related to the earliest stages of human life are some of the most important and pressing moral problems of our times. I commend the Deseret News for contributing to the dialogue and hope that your paper will continue to foster thorough deliberation in this area.

Joseph B. Stanford, MD, MSPH

Department of family and preventive medicine

University of Utah

Salt Lake City