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Father faces charges in stabbing of daughter

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Prosecutors have charged a man with attempted murder following the stabbing of his daughter on Christmas Day.

The stabbing occurred when the man, 72, asked his daughter to leave his house after she got into an argument with her mother earlier in the day, according to charges filed Friday in 3rd District Court.

The victim's father told her he would go with her to the gas station and fill her truck with gas, charges state. Instead, the man drove the truck to a nearby school near 8000 South 400 East, parked the vehicle and told his daughter he had a present for her under the passenger seat, charges state.

When the victim leaned over to look under the seat, her father allegedly stabbed her in the back with a knife, then purportedly held her down with the knife still in her back, according to charges.

During the struggle the man is also accused of pinning his daughter against the seat and trying to cut her throat, charges state. The victim got out of the truck after biting her father's face, hitting him in the head and forcing the knife out of his hand, charges state.

The woman then flagged down three people who were driving by and spotted her standing on a street corner screaming for help. If convicted of the first-degree felony crime, the man could spend up to life in prison.