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New stake presidencies

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A stake has been created in Nigeria.

The Calabar Nigeria Stake, which includes the Calabar 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th wards and the 6th branch, has been created by Elder Sheldon F. Child of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, El Salvador and Tahiti, and in Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota and in Utah.


CALABAR NIGERIA STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2002) Created from the Calabar Nigeria District. President — Christopher Nchor Odock, 49, lecturer at University of Calabar; wife, Franca Arong Mbu Odock. Counselors — Godwin Obi Basset, 38, senior registrar for University of Calabar; wife, Joy Chioma Ndubueze Basset. Idyo Raymond Egbo, 28, institute director for Church Educational System; wife, Comfort Ikip Ese Egbo.


AMERICAN FORK UTAH STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2002) President — Michael S. Loveridge, 46, salesman for Whitewater; succeeding Richard E. Merkley; wife, Linda Evans Loveridge. Counselors — Bruce C. Frandsen, 45, personnel officer and commander for Utah National Guard; wife, Nyla Joy Bernard Frandsen. Larry P. Clark, 46, operations manager for Clark Security Prod.; wife, Cindy Ann Robinson Clark.

ANOKA MINNESOTA STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2002) President — Mark S. Paynter, 51, vice president of U.S. Bancorp; succeeding Joel R. Wiest; wife, Brenda Jo Grant Paynter. Counselors — J. Birch Holt II, retained. Randal G. Baker, 39, assistant professor for St. Cloud State University; wife, Torene Etta Banton Baker.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND MANUREWA STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2002) President — James E. Seymour, 53, manager for Manukau City Council; succeeding David Wharemate; wife, Rawinia Beverly Maria Thompson Seymour. Counselors — Roni Paul Lolesi, 47, salesman for Oasis Industries; wife, Deborah Anne Taylor Lolesi. Mark Green, 42, general manager for Alcoa Laboratories; wife, Ivoga Tala Green.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA SARMIENTO STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2002) President — Benjamin Rodriguez, 40, self-employed businessman; succeeding Carlos Antonio Moure; wife, Andrea Gariela Klammer de Rodriguez. Counselors — Luis Mario Cuadrado, 37, data processor coordinator for Bayer S.A.; wife, Sonia Renata Satzke de Cuadrado. Juan Eduardo Di Ciocco, 48, works in distribution for Servisan; wife, Silvia Elena Figueredo de Di Ciocco.

CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2002) President — T. Ned Lunt, 46, chief operations officer for The Thomas Monahan Company; succeeding Joseph W. Stucki; wife, Mary Bushman Lunt. Counselors — Stephen Delmont Newman, 59, software engineer for Motorola; wife, Carolyn Ann Kemner Newman. Kingsley Mac Donald Allan, 37, GIS manager for Illinois State Water Survey; wife, Jana Lee Longhurst Allan.

DAVAO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2002) President — Perfecto G. Calipes Jr., 42, branch manager for Union Bank of the Philippines; succeeding Pedrito T. Miole; wife, Lorna Cael T. de Calipes. Counselors — Alexander A. Nuez, 47, nurseryman for Lalun Pulp & Paper Co.; wife, Gloria Tragura C. de Nuez. Olympio M. Romo Jr., 34, proprietor of Piaclyde Home & Office Furniture; wife, Dorethea Naungayan Romo.

LEXINGTON KENTUCKY STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2002) President — Robert W. Hymas, 44, vice president of finance for Lexmark Int.; succeeding L. Paul Moeck; wife, Katherine Ann Call Hymas. Mark D. Bay, 45, manager for ACS; wife, Jill Blodgett Bay. Samuel Lindmark, 36, chemical salesman for Industrial Chemicals; wife, Amy Louise Dalton Lindmark.

LIMA PERU SAN LUIS STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2002) President — Alejandro Fario Moscoso Z., 33, organization analyst for Wieje Sudameris Bank; succeeding Antere Guevara Olano; wife, Jacqueline Karina Vilchez M. de Moscoso. Counselors — Fernando Garcia C., 42, self-employed in small business; wife, Gricela Ruiz Davila de Garcia. Claudio Abelardo Calderon B., 41, worker for Military Equipment & Transports; wife Rosana Crisostomo D. de Calderon.

OREM UTAH SHARON STAKE: (Nov. 24, 2002) President — L. Robert Webb, 64, director of planning and assessment at BYU; succeeding Ronald G. Hyde; wife, Leslie Ann Gardner Webb. Counselors — Earl M. Woolley, 60, dean of physics and math sciences for BYU; wife, Anita Jean Christensen Woolley. T. Michael Ford, 54, dentist; wife, Charleen Allen Ford.

PAEA TAHITI STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2002) President — Frederic Tchan, 33, accountant for Tahiti Tours Agency; succeeding Tetuanui Marama Tarati; wife, Tatiana Brodien Tchan. Counselors — Pierre Iorama Utahia, 41, city hall employee for Papeete City Hall; wife, Angelina Terahine Ellis-Bender Utahia. Joseph Vaitea Le Gall, 30, administrative state employee; wife, Logana Maamaatuaiahutapu LeGall.

PEREIRA COLOMBIA STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2002) President — Julie Bernal H., 40, production manager for Magom Electronics; succeeding Gilberto Antonio Valencia Quiceno; wife, Martha Ines Gutierrez E. de Bernal. Counselors — Arles Cifuentes, 37, businessman; wife, Johau Perez M. de Cifuentes. Jose Dario Osorio A., 36, regional secretary for Church area office; wife, Maria del Sacorra Higuita F. de Osorio.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA PARAISO STAKE: (Nov. 17, 2002) President — Adrian Artunduaga S., 32, teacher; succeeding Manuel Gutierrez; wife, Amyra Roxana Vasquez L. de Artunduaga. Counselors — Alcides Carlos Sabath F., 47, business owner; wife, Bertha Justiniano C. de Sabath. Eleazar Pena F., 25, technician for Juan Mario; wife, Loida Pizarro M. de Pena.