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Charity begins at home

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I disagree with M. Todd Ethington when he says that the Democratic Party better addresses many issues central to LDS principles and beliefs (Jan. 1). Charity, or the pure love of Christ, is demonstrated in how we care for the disadvantaged in our society. I believe that if I do not help my neighbor, I will be held accountable, but it is all about choice.

When the government takes tax dollars and uses them to aid those in need, how much of the money actually gets to the poor and how much is wasted in the process of determining who is "eligible" for assistance and all the other red tape we know is a part of the process?

But the worst part is that there is no interaction between the giver and the receiver. Where there could be a relationship of love and caring and gratitude, instead there is the impersonal government agency and lots and lots of paperwork.

While some government programs for the poor are certainly necessary, wouldn't it be much better if more of the charitable work was done in our own neighborhoods? I think the Republican Party better reflects that way of thinking.

Lisa Greenhalgh