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Woman admits fabricating attack

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LEHI — It was all a hoax.

Police say a 31-year-old pregnant woman who claimed she was stabbed Wednesday by a man clad in what appeared to be a security guard uniform admitted the tale was fabricated.

"It didn't happen," said Lehi Police Sgt. Jeff Swenson.

Swenson said Amy Brown, who is 33 weeks pregnant, told investigator at 1 p.m. Wednesday that she had concocted the tale about being attacked by a stranger who knocked on her door at about 6:45 a.m.

The admission came after police confronted her with evidence found at the scene that didn't jibe with the story she told officers, he said.

Swenson declined to identify specific clues that led detectives to suspect the woman had lied. He did say, however, that a steak knife was found at the scene.

Police believe Brown cut herself with the knife to appear as if she'd been stabbed.

She was treated for the superficial cut at American Fork Hospital, where she was taken after the alleged attack.

Police also wonder whether an alleged attack reported by Brown on Dec. 20 actually occurred. Swenson said Brown told police in December that a man she didn't know approached her near her Lehi apartment, confronted her with angry words and hit her in the face before fleeing.

"We are looking at that one as well," said Swenson. He said he didn't know why she made up the story.

Swenson said Brown, who has two young sons, has been hospitalized. Police are not considering a citation or an arrest for falsely reporting a crime, he said.

"She needs some help and that's why we aren't charging her," Swenson said.

"It's obviously frustrating," he said about the hours spent investigating Brown's claims. "Anytime you have a stabbing you're looking at an attempted homicide."

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