I am appalled at the narrow-minded views expressed by both Mr. Sias and Mr. Morgan in their letters published on Dec.15.

The undocumented immigrants are playing by the rules. There is just a problem with two sets of rules. On one hand, the Labor Department admits that farmers need more undocumented immigrants for the harvest, and yet on the other we refuse to make a system where legal immigration is economically feasible.

At the same time, these immigrants do not choose to not learn English. English language centers are flooding the nation. The education their children receive is funded by the taxes they pay. A higher percentage of Latinos than any other group are involved in the work force.

We also must stop mistreating Hispanic children who play by the rules, follow the example of Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado and give legal status to the families of all-A students who happen to have been born in Oaxaca and not in Ephraim.

Immigration is the strength of the nation, just as accepting new words is the strength of the language.

John Lambert