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The winners and the losers

Loser: We understand that medical science can sometimes be, for lack of a better term, "icky." But the story out of Texas this week, that a man who supervised the donated-body program at the University of Texas was stealing fingernails and toenails from cadavers and selling them to a Salt Lake pharmaceutical company, was just plain disgusting.

The man has been fired. He allegedly was pocketing the thousands of dollars he made in the transactions. To profit from the sale of human body parts violates federal law. The Salt Lake company doesn't appear to be in any trouble. It claims not to have known where the supplier was getting the nails. Somewhere out there, we hope Stephen King isn't contemplating a book around the title, "The Nail in the Coffin."

Winner: Kudos to Sen. Orrin Hatch for not giving up the fight against virtual, or computer-generated, porn. His first bill on the subject was ruled too broad by the Supreme Court. This one is a bit tighter. It outlaws the sale of anything represented to be child pornography and puts the burden on filmmakers to prove they didn't use real children. The bill passed the Senate 84-0.

We liked the first version, but we hope this one holds up and begins to curtail this depraved form of "entertainment."

Winner: When state lawmakers first started talking about withholding funds from Salt Lake City because of Mayor Rocky Anderson's opposition to the Legacy Highway, we thought that was a bad idea. But now it appears the tactic has led the mayor and environmentalists to agree to avoid future litigation over the highway in exchange for the money, which is a good thing. The highway is sorely needed. This doesn't guarantee its construction, but at least the process can now inch forward a bit — which pretty much sums up the commute from Davis County every day.