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Asian gang member is public enemy No. 1

An Asian street gang member wanted for a federal weapons violation is this week's Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit public enemy No. 1.

Tommy Donguyen, 20, was convicted of the weapons violation but failed to appear for his sentencing. His criminal history includes theft, narcotics charges, a concealed weapons violation and assault.

Donguyen is wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Anyone with information that would assist police in arresting Donguyen is asked to call the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit office during business hours at 801-743-5864. Calls during nonbusiness hours can be placed to 801-743-7000. Anyone wishing to talk with a Spanish-speaking officer can call detective L. Argueta at 801-743-5867 or detective E. Jensen at 801-743-5814.