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LDS archive now available for sale on 74-disc DVD set

Brigham Young University Press has published a 74-disc DVD set containing more than 400,000 pages of manuscripts titled "Selected Collections from the Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (2 vols.), scanned in full color at high resolution.

The collection contains thousands of pages from the papers (and many journals) of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, Orson Pratt, Charles C. Rich, George A. Smith, J. Golden Kimball and many other important LDS figures. It also includes the "Revelations Collections," minutes from numerous councils, such as the Kirtland High Council, the Manuscript History of the Church and the daily Journal History of the Church (through 1923).

The set sells for $1,299 but the two volumes can be ordered separately at $699 each. Call 1-800-486-3112 or locally 486-3111. Or it may be purchased at Benchmark Books, 3269 S. Main Street, Suite 250.