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Awards honor top Mormon writing

The Association for Mormon Letters has presented 17 writing awards for 2003.

The full citations for each of the award winners will be published soon in Irreantum and posted to the AML Web site at:

The awards include:

Novel: Chris Crowe, "Mississippi Trial 1955"; Young Adult: A.E. Cannon, "Charlotte's Rose"; Honorable Mention: Martine Leavitt, "The Dollmage"; Honorable Mention: Kimberley Heuston, "The Shakeress."

Picture Book: Rick Walton, "Bertie was a Watchdog."

Short Fiction: Susan Palmer, "Breakthrough"; Honorable Mention: Karen Rosenbaum, "Out of the Woods"; Honorable Mention: Linda Paulson Adams, "First."

Poetry: Kimberly Johnson, "Leviathan With a Hook."

Film: Christian Vuissa and Agustina Perez, "Roots and Wings"; Honorable Mention: Andrew Black, "The Snell Show"; Honorable Mention: Ryan Little, "Out of Step."

Drama: Reed McColm, "Hole in the Sky"; Honorable Mention: Melissa Leilani Larson, "Wake Me When It's Over"; Honorable Mention: Tim Slover, "Hancock County."

Film Adaptation: Janine Whetton Gilbert for "Charly."

Lifetime Membership Award: Lavina Fielding Anderson.

The AML also has two new board members: Suzanne Brady, who is an editor for Deseret Book, and Jen Wahlquist, who is with the English department at UVSC. In addition, BYU's Linda Hunter Adams joined the staff as editor of the annual proceedings of the AML.

Due to the death of Neila Seshachari just after her designation as president-elect, Gideon Burton consented to serve a second term as president of the AML. Melissa Proffitt, who has been serving as AML secretary, was nominated to become president-elect. Both of these positions were ratified by a unanimous vote of the membership.