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From the editor of Church News

Nearly 72 years ago, the Deseret News began publishing "The Church Section," forerunner to today's Church News. On the top half of the cover page of the first issue, published April 4, 1931, was a black and white photo of an artist's portrayal of the resurrected Savior appearing to the Nephites in the New World. The remainder of the page was filled with type.

Today's Church News has a much different look. Improvements have come gradually. Over the years, readers have noticed changes, including the addition of color and the use of more photographs.

We're still working on improving the quality of the Church News, not only in the printed word but also in its graphics. We're launching in this week's issue our latest efforts to bring readers a fresher, more contemporary publication with new graphics matching content.

We will continue to inform readers of what is happening in the Church, not only at headquarters in Salt Lake City but also throughout the world. We will continue to report on the speeches, travels and other activities of President Gordon B. Hinckley and other General Authorities as they fulfill their responsibilities as apostles, prophets and seventies. Readers can continue to rely on the Church News to gain further insight and information pertaining to Church programs, policies and organizations.

In various issues, our pages will include new and renewed focus on the home and family, missionary work, temples and welfare principles. We will continue to write features, report on events and activities that reflect the growing Church, and write profiles highlighting prominent Latter-day Saints as well as ordinary members who sometimes do extraordinary things.

Above all else, we will remain true to our basic mission, which is to help build the Lord's kingdom by publishing articles that inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire our readers.