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Missionary video to assist in sharing gospel

Engaging message leaves viewer with fond feelings

In the April issue of the Ensign, members of the Church will receive a personal DVD copy of "Finding Faith in Christ," a new 28-minute movie depicting the life and ministry of the Savior as seen through the eyes of His apostle, Thomas.

The video was created by the Missionary Department of the Church to assist members in their responsibility to share the gospel. The video was several years in the making and its release coincides with the Easter season, a time of heightened interest in the Savior for many Christians.

Its lightweight, compact size makes the DVD the most technologically advanced missionary tool ever put into the hands of members. Those who find it difficult to share a testimony over the backyard fence will appreciate how this movie creates a spiritual setting for gospel discussions.

"Finding Faith in Christ" is an engaging and emotional message that leaves the viewer with fond feelings for the Savior and a deepened appreciation for the majesty of His life and ministry. The video begins with the dramatization of the Savior calming the seas, and then recounts His ministry by portraying the events of His birth, miracles, crucifixion and resurrection.

The message of the movie is explained by the Apostle Thomas as he answers the questions and concerns posed by a skeptical friend.

Members are urged to view the movie in family home evening, then consider friends or neighbors with whom they might share the video.

"We hope this video will give members something they can do to increase their missionary efforts," said Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve and chairman of the Missionary Executive Council.

"Every member can be prompted by the Holy Ghost on how to use the video. If they move forward with faith, as promised in the Doctrine and Covenants, they will know the words to say when they approach their friends and neighbors."

One of the first things members will notice about the video is its quality. They will find it to be equal to past productions of the Church such as "Legacy" and "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd."

"The purpose of using the DVD format is not to encourage members to buy DVD players," said Elder Ballard. "If a member doesn't own a DVD player, find an acquaintance who is not a member, but who has a player, and ask to view the DVD with them."

To assist members and missionaries, the Church will sponsor a five-week advertising campaign to promote "Finding Faith in Christ." Beginning March 17, advertisements will air nationally on cable television stations and appear until Easter.

Viewers will be invited to call a toll-free telephone number for a free copy of the video, or invited to talk with their Mormon neighbor for the video.

Full-time missionaries will have additional copies of the video to share with non-subscribers to the Ensign. They will also have copies of the national advertisements. Members who wish to familiarize themselves with the advertisements should contact the missionaries to view the messages. Missionaries could also be invited to ward priesthood executive committee or ward council meetings to show the advertisements.

"This is the first time members, missionaries and the media have been combined in a coordinated effort to share the gospel," said Elder Ballard. "The power of the media in sharing the gospel has long been known. Now technology is available to put this power into the hands of each member in a manageable format. This is a huge effort on the part of the Church, but its success lies in the willingness of members to embrace it and prayerfully find ways to share it.

"This video will strengthen faith. A family touched by the Spirit will feel inclined to share this message," said Elder Ballard.

"Our message of the Restoration is a unique message that no one else can tell. We can talk of the Savior in details that no one else can. Members should realize the power of this message and share it with others."